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Why Poppinz

We know that these are particularly challenging times for the Early Years sector. Undoubtedly affected by the recruitment crisis and the budget cuts, the pressure is still on your Early Education Team and Children Services to continue providing parents with timely information about funding and available childcare services in your area. You are also looking for new ways to support the early years settings in your borough that might be facing financial struggles.

We believe in working together, enhancing your services and supporting families and communities to benefit children. This is why we developed a FREE tool to support the Early Years and Childcare sector.

How We Can Help

Supporting The Early Years Sector

We know the Greater Manchester Early Years teams offer a range of online resources to support communities and childcare providers. Our tool has been designed with the Local Authority Family Information Services (FIS) in mind to enhance the services and increase their usability.

Our unique Poppinz links added to the existing FIS directory of the providers will capture all necessary information from the parents and allow providers to respond with tailored monthly fees (where applicable) and place availability within minutes or hours!

● Instant calculation of potential funding eligibility and other childcare benefits based on the child's age and the start date
● Help families to budget for childcare costs with tailored monthly fees, including availability, funded hours, registration fees, deposit and consumable charges.
● Speed up the process of registering funded children in time for Census submission
● Ensure that all children can find a suitable provision under the Sufficiency Duty
Benefits For Local Authorities
Support your local childcare providers with a FREE tool that helps the managers to keep track and manage all parents enquiries in one place.
Funding Explained
Our funding calculator makes it very easy for parents to find out what funding they might be eligible for.
Less Admin
Poppinz reduces the early education team's workload by providing comprehensive information for childcare enquiries
Instant Enquiries
Help parents to find a suitable childcare place based on their needs within hours
Poppinz helps the Local Authorities to meet their responsibility under the Sufficiency Duty by providing insightful childcare demand data.

Poppinz is a perfect addition to your existing online directory that is FREE and requires no specific IT skills or extensive set up.

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How It Works

Childcare Enquiries Made Easy

Generate Poppinz link
Using Email Address
Generate a unique enquiry weblink. You only need your childcare provider's email (which you already have).
Add Provider Links
to FIS Directory
The unique link in your FIS directory will take parents to an Enquiry Form that will show them what funding they could be eligible for.
Help parents find a place
within hours
The provider will receive an instant email notification - with all the information needed to provide fees with calculate monthly costs and place availability.
Our tool fully complies with GDPR UK and data protection laws

About Our Team

Supporting Parents and Childcare Providers in Greater Manchester

Poppinz has been developed as part of the Foundation Economy Innovation project in 2023 to support the early Years Education and Childcare industry across Greater Manchester combined authorities

Our team consists of Early Education, Technology and Product Management professionals. Our aim is to provide a platform that brings families looking for childcare and providers together. Find out more

Areas We Support

Poppinz is currently available in the Greater Manchester Area
✓ Bolton✓ Bury✓ Manchester✓ Oldham✓ Rochdale✓ Salford✓ Stockport✓ Tameside✓ Trafford✓ Wigan

Providers We Support

We support all Ofsted registered early years providers.
✓ Private Day Nurseries✓ Childminders✓ Pre-schools✓ Before & After School Clubs✓ Holiday Clubs

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